New Fantasy Wood Photography!

🎶May your path be the sound, of your feet upon the ground🎶-Fun~(Carry On)


“May your path be the sound, of your feet upon the ground”-Fun~(Carry On)


Hogwarts House Wands!

In honor of Harry Potter’s Birthday, I am launching Hogwarts House Wands!!! This first round will be up for sale in my shop now while supplies last, so get yours before it’s gone!!  All Hogwarts House Wands are $18 free shipping!!

Re-post from a customer-a custom Wand order!

Get a Super Fast Wand Shipping Offer!

Re-post from @cbookaddiction So much wonderful Harry Potter-ness in this picture!! 😍 love seeing one of my wands there too!! Use the code: “Wandaddiction03” to get super fast shipping at no extra cost!! Just include the code in your order request email. Link to Wand Shop:

One of my Wands was featured on the Instagram account @thepagemistress!

Re-post from @thepagemistress! I am so in love with her pictures!! And I love seeing one of my wands incorporated into her beautiful art!! 😍 Click the link down below to go to my Wand Shop and get your very own magic wand!! $14-18 Free Shipping on all USA orders! Also ship internationally. Thanks again Lindsey!