Fishy’s Fishy Tale


Fishy’s Fishy Tale has been published since March 2013.  This book was inspired to be published after author Angela Feihel’s newly born cousin Will came to visit her family over the summer.  The book was also dedicated to Will for his birthday.  Angela Feihel wrote Fishy’s Fishy Tale when she was about 7 years old with the help from her dad who wrote it down for her.  It took 5 months from start to finish, Angela was assisted by her brother David Lopez who lives in Portland Maine.  He attended Maine College Of Art in Portland where his main focus was animation.​  He created the look of the main character ‘Fishy’, according to Angela’s specifications.  Angela hand painted all of the scenery and collaged the characters onto the page.   Fishy’s Fishy Tale is available to be purchased on his Facebook page, website, and email.  Softcover 7×7 books are $15.00.   It’s also in the Vassalboro Public Library.    




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