DIY Fairy Shoes!

Been working on these slippers for 24 hours! I made a pattern then cut it out of felt. Sewed it together and needle felted on top of that. I also hand dyed the wool used here.



If you don’t have it, create it!

What do you think of my new bag!? I made it with an old binocular case my brother gave me a couple years ago, a belt, lace, and a metal pin!  I saw a leather bag that looked similar on ebay, but I didn’t have the $245.00 to get it.  So first thing the next morning, I got the idea to convert my old leather binocular case into a unique do-it-yourself bag!  I didn’t have to go out and buy anything! I had everything I needed here at home.  If you see something you want, stop and think, “How could I make this myself?”  Making things yourself is a valuable skill that everyone should practice.  I hope this inspires you to save some money, and go out and create something wonderful! 🙂  diy bag!